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Top 10 Heavy Metal Guitarists

Hello to All the Guitar Fanatics!! This Blog Post will be a special treat for all the Metalheads and Headbangers Out there. We here at Guitarmetrics are Huge fans of Heavy metal Music, so we thought why not make a list about Top 10 Heavy Metal Guitarists, There are many Guitarists who have made us Bang our heads to their heavy Riffs!!, But we thought these 10 Guitarists are the most deserving because they have changed the way Metal Music is Played. With their Headbanging Riffs and Blistering Fast Guitar solos, they have proved that they are the Metal Gods!!! Heavy Metal is a Genre of Rock Music which developed in the late 1960s and 1970s. With roots in blues rock, psychedelic...

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Top 10 Classic Rock Guitarists.

Hello to all you Guitar Fanatics. Although classic rock has mostly appealed to adult listeners, music associated with this format received more exposure with younger generations of listeners. Classic rock really boosted the Inspiration for more teenagers to pick up the Guitar and live the Rocknroll Dream! Classic rock was one of the movements which took the whole idea of Guitar playing to another level. Many Guitarist have created their own identity with their contribution to classic rock and we are here with the list of the ones we think have become a rock Icon in their own status. It was really hard for us to pick top 10 Guitarists as we know not just these 10 but, many more artists...

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