SOACH™ Pick holder Wallet


Color: BPJ9

  • BPJ9
  • BPJ3
  • BPJ8
  • BPJ10
  • BPJ4
  • BPJ6
  • BPJ1
  • BPJ2
  • BPJ5
  • BPJ21
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Brand Name: SOACH
Type: Pick holder wallet
Model: Guitar Picks Bag Holder Wallet Pics:16ps

Ever lost your Pick in the alternate universe??

Never lose your Pick again!!

Grab this classic Pick holder by SOACH and make your own Pick collection.there are 16 slots for each pick to be placed.

Also, you can choose your desired pick thickness according to your comfort.

Multiple variants are available!!!

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    Bpj9, Bpj3, Bpj8, Bpj10, Bpj4, Bpj6, Bpj1, Bpj2, Bpj5, Bpj21

    Pick Size

    0.46mm, 0.71mm, 0.96mm