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Color: Type A Black

  • Type A Black
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Type: guitar finger exerciser

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Ever wondered, How can I work on my Guitar Stamina while Travelling or when there is no Guitar around? If Yes, then this guitar finger exerciser will be a perfect Gadget for you.
Flanger Best guitar finger exerciser- guitarmetrics
Flanger guitar finger exerciser will help you to Work on your Finger stretches and Stamina.
This Finger Trainer is Perfect for Beginner Guitarists who have Problems in Playing Wide Stretches in Guitar solos and Chords.
It is also beneficial for Advanced Players to work on their Stamina and Pinky Finger strength.
The Gadget has an additional Extension Feature which you can adjust according to your Need, This Feature is Perfect for Players to Increase their Pinky strength as Difficult Guitar Solos often requires the use of the Pinky Finger. 
Flanger Best guitar finger exerciser- guitarmetrics
Flanger's exclusive design features comfortable finger pads and allows you to adjust individual finger tension from light to heavy, providing all-in-one hand fitness for musicians.


1. 100% brand new and high quality
2. The design of the curve makes practicing very comfortable and avoids fatigue and pain
Best guitar finger exerciser- guitarmetrics
3. The strength can be adjusted freely between 2.5 ~ 6 pounds
4. It can strengthen multiple parts of the hand, such as the palm, fingers, wrist, etc.
5. It can be used safely to practice the finger endurance, tension, flexibility, coordination
6. It can help you to improve the speed of playing and sensitivity

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7. It is suitable for people of all age
Flanger Best guitar finger exerciser- guitarmetrics

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The product arrived in less than 30 days. Awesome product for those who play guitar- FROM BRAZIL

Recommended item- FROM CROATIA

Surprisingly fast delivery to Europe. I glued pieces of strings on them to help my fingertips to toughen up and quickly build calluses. Starting with Nylon pieces, now on wound strings. Brilliant item, helped me a lot in overcoming the pain.- FROM RUSSIA

Size: Approx. 80 x 70 x 15 mm/3.15" x 2.76" x 0.59

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1 * guitar finger exerciser


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