Dunlop™ James Hetfield black fang picks


Color: 0.73mm 1 piece

  • 0.73mm 1 piece
  • 0.94mm 1 piece
  • 1.14mm 1 piece
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Brand: Dunlop Ultex

Type: Pick
Artist series: James Hetfield signature

From ass-kicking Metallica epics like "Motor Breath" to new thrashers like "Cyanide", riff master James Hetfield's venomous style has inspired many. Preferring picks with a bright tone and biting attack, Hetfield looked to Dunlop for the perfect tool for his fierce downward picking style. 

Black Fang Pick is designed keeping in mind the perfect balance between Rhythm and lead playing. That is why it is used extensively by the Great James Hetfield of Metallica.

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0.73mm 1 piece, 0.94mm 1 piece, 1.14mm 1 piece