CALINE CP-39 Noise gate Pedal




Model: Caline CP-39
Type: Noise gate Effects
Brand Name: CALINE
Power Supply: DC 9V power adapter


If you are a shredder or a blues player you will always need a noise gate pedal in your pedalboard to keep your playing clean and avoid buzzing or hum. We bring you the CALINE Noise gate pedal!!!

The noise gate pedal is great for reducing the noise hum and buzz of other pedals(especially high gain distortion) in your pedal chain.
2 working modes: Hard(reduce high-frequency sound) & Soft(reduce low-frequency sound), allows you to have a more excellent tone.
One control knob for adjusting the volume of the noise reduction.
True bypass, and with LED light for indicating effects or bypass status.

So if you haven't tried a Noise gate pedal yet or are looking for an update to your pedalboard. Caline noise gate pedal can become your next pedal in your Tone arsenal.

Product video below.

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