Ibanez rubber grip picks


Color: Blue Jazz 0.8mm

  • Blue Jazz 0.8mm
  • Black Triangle 0.8mm
  • Blue Jazz 1.0mm
  • White Jazz 1.0mm
  • White Jazz 0.8mm
  • Yellow Jazz 0.8mm
  • Yellow Jazz 1.2mm
  • Blue Triangle 0.8mm
  • White Triangle 0.8mm
  • Yellow Tri 0.8mm
  • Black Triangle 0.6mm
  • Black Jazz 1.0mm
  • Yellow Jazz 1.0mm
  • Black Jazz 0.8mm
  • Black Jazz 1.2mm
  • Blue Jazz 1.2mm
  • White Jazz 1.2mm
  • Blue Trianglue 0.6mm
  • White Triangle 0.6mm
  • Yellow Tri 0.6mm
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Brand Name: Ibanez
Model Number: Rubber grip wizard series
Type: Pick
Gauge: 0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2mm
Material: Polyacetal

Quantity: 1 pick

Ibanez offers picks for just about every type of player, featuring different feels, functions, and looks. Function-wise, the Grip Wizard series feature sand or rubber grips for superior gripping ability. Look-wise, Ibanez offers a large selection of colors and designs for picks, including metallic colors and classic designs. Then there is the signature line of picks, which, in most cases, are exactly what the artists use.

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Blue jazz 0.8mm, Black triangle 0.8mm, Blue jazz 1.0mm, White jazz 1.0mm, White jazz 0.8mm, Yellow jazz 0.8mm, Yellow jazz 1.2mm, Blue triangle 0.8mm, White triangle 0.8mm, Yellow tri 0.8mm, Black triangle 0.6mm, Black jazz 1.0mm, Yellow jazz 1.0mm, Black jazz 0.8mm, Black jazz 1.2mm, Blue jazz 1.2mm, White jazz 1.2mm, Blue trianglue 0.6mm, White triangle 0.6mm, Yellow tri 0.6mm

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