Best looper pedal for guitar (stereo looper)


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Model: Loop Record Guitar Effect Pedal
Type: Effects

Best looper pedal for guitar- guitarmetrics

What is a looper pedal?

In simplest terms, a looper pedal allows you to record short segments and loop them over and over. length of these segments depends on the model of the pedal, but in most cases, you can record at least one bar of just about any song. There are several types of looper pedals on the market at the moment.
AMMOON Presents the Compact and powerful stereo looper pedal, high-quality uncompressed audio: 24-bit A/D/A, 44.1KHz sample rate and unlimited overdubbing.
10 selectable, independent loops and each loop's recording time is up to 10 minutes.
Best looper pedal for guitar- guitarmetrics

looper pedal for guitar (Stereo looper) pedal allows looping of 2 separate instruments simultaneously.
Reverse, 1/2 speed, undo/redo and fadeout effects all easily controlled via the dual footswitches.
A 3rd footswitch can be added via the ext input for even more hands-free control.
Perfect for practice and live performance.
Best looper pedal for guitar- guitarmetrics


1. LOOP footswitch for activating RECORD, DUB(record and add an extra layer to you loop) and PLAYBACK operations;
2. STOP/FX footswitch for stop, clear and FX functions;
3. REVERSE--playback your loop in reverse;
4. 1/2 SPEED--playback your loop at half the speed it was recorded.Max. Loops: 10 independent loops
5. Each Loop's recording Time: max. 10 minutes
6. Sampling Frequency: 44.1KHz/ 24bit
7. Input Jacks: 2 * 1/4" TRS jacks(L & R), 1 * 1/4" TRS Jack(for external foot controller)
8. Output Jacks: 2 * 1/4" TRS jacks(L & R)


    Power Supply: DC 9V 140mA (center minus)
    Best looper pedal for guitar- guitarmetrics

    Fade Out Time: 0(stop immediately), 1(1s), 2(2s), 3(3s), 4(5s), 5(10s), 6(15s), 7(20s), 8(25s), 9(30s)
    Best looper pedal for guitar- guitarmetrics

    So if you are a One man band or soloist then this looper pedal for guitar is the pedal for you.Best looper pedal for guitar- guitarmetrics

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    Pedal very good! Simple to use! Need! Arrived in less than 30 days!- FROM BRAZIL

    The pedal arrived fast and in perfect state. Compliant with all the functions described, and possibly some more (press twice the BUTTON loop for recording, very useful if you use the BUTTON stop/FX for effects). Includes also nails instructions in external conditions and explains how it has to be the pedal with your schema electrics… The audio of the loop is not exactly the same as the one-touch, it seems that falls a bit the quality. If not the same with others pedals or is a thing of this one… In any case, it is a very good purchase!- FROM SPAIN

    Very good лупер, best pedal for guitar. For the money it is recommended.- FROM RUSSIA

    Package List:
    1 * looper pedal for guitar (Effect Pedal)
    1 * Users Manual(English & French & German & Italian & Spanish & Japanese)

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