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Chord Pal™ Portable digital pocket guitar trainer

Chord Pal™ Portable digital pocket guitar trainer

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With this Chord Pal digital pocket guitar trainer with display, you may learn to play the guitar in a novel method.

Chord Pal Best Pocket Guitar with Display

What is a pocket guitar?

Guitar Training Pocket Tool – Cart Crate

With a pocket guitar, you can practice and hone your guitar talents anywhere, including on a flight, in a car, at work or school, at the dinner table, or nearly anywhere else. Before attempting to play on a real guitar, it is also a wonderful tool for at-home chord form and scale practise.

Convenient, no sound, no interference.

Chord Pal™ Portable digital pocket guitar trainer

Guitar enthusiasts may practice their chords on the go with the Chord Pal Digital Pocket Guitar with display. People who are keen to speed up their guitar technique and lack the time to practice the instrument use it. It is without a doubt your most effective practice tool, allowing you to work on exercises like chord conversion and hexadecimal (climbing) fingering while you are driving, attending class, working, or just relaxing.

Chord Pal™ Portable digital pocket guitar trainer

These exercises will help you become more flexible with your fingers and advance your guitar playing whether you are just beginning to learn the instrument or are an experienced player.

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1. Chord Pal Digital Pocket Guitar trainer Comes with real guitar strings which gives the feel of an original fretboard. It helps guitar players to build calluses, and the tension of the strings can be adjusted with the tool included in the package.

Chord Pal Best Pocket Guitar with Display- guitarmetrics2. Display Pad with Chord diagrams to play makes it easier for beginner guitar players to practice the most essential chords which makes it a very great Guitar chord trainer.
Chord Pal Best Pocket Guitar with Display- guitarmetrics3. With a rotatable screen reserving the most commonly used chords inside can help guitar beginners/ students to develop muscle memory for chords and is a perfect tool for finger placement exercises.
Chord Pal Best Pocket Guitar with Display- guitarmetrics
4. In this pocket guitar trainer with display you will have 400 Chord charts to learn.

Balai Pocket Mini Guitar Chord Trainer Tool Portable Mini 6 Fret ...

Chord Pal Best Pocket Guitar with Display- guitarmetrics5. There is a metronome inside the device so players can learn the chords with a customized tempo making it a perfect tool for guitar chord training.
Chord Pal Best Pocket Guitar with Display- guitarmetrics
6. Requires a standard watch battery (coin battery/button cell) for LCD
7. Handy and compact, can be used while traveling and other outdoor activities. A handy tool for guitar learners who still want to practice during trips. You can carry this compact device to keep up your daily practice.
8. It is also a perfect guitar practice gadget to use at home
Chord Pal Best Pocket Guitar with Display- guitarmetrics


The chord pal pocket guitar helps beginners to practice guitar chord fingering and scale runs. It helps to build muscle memory.

HOW TO USE THE Chord Pal™ Portable digital pocket guitar | Best Pocket Guitar and chord trainer with Display :

1: Press A for 2 seconds to open, and another 2 seconds to shut down(no matter what modes the device is in).

2: Press B for 2 seconds, you can switch between Chord table mode and Circulation mode.

3: When it is in Chord table mode, Area 1 and 2 in light, area 3 in darkness.
4. When it is in Circulation mode, areas 1, 2, and 3 all in light.

      Get this Handy Chord Pal Pocket Guitar practice tool and practice your guitar skills anywhere you want!

      See what some of our awesome customers think!

      A beautiful self-teacher for beginners or experienced. The applications of all chords are given. It is convenient to practice thanks to the mode of alternating chords, which can be set at any pace. Perfect portable (road) self-teacher for guitar- FROM RUSSIA

      I just received it and it seems that everything works well, the product is equal to the description, I'm very satisfied, it includes a carry bag and a string change key if necessary. thank you so much!- FROM MEXICO

      Loved it. fast shipping. Thank you guitarmetrics- FROM RUSSIA

      It came fast and safe, it's good quality.- FROM MEXICO

      Fast delivery. good quality. works well. highly recommended.- FROM UNITED STATES


      • Material: ABS+metal

      • Power supply: CR2032 Battery

      • Item size: 29 * 5 * 3.5cm/ 11.4 * 2 * 1.4in

      • Item weight: 200g/ 7.1oz

      • Package size: 31 * 6 * 4.5cm/ 12.2 * 2.4 * 1.8in

      • Package weight: 240g/ 8.5oz

      Package contains:

      • 1×Chord Pal™ Portable digital pocket guitar | Best Pocket Guitar and chord trainer with Display

      • String tension adjusting tool * 1

      • Velvet Carry bag * 1

      • English instruction manual * 1

      guitarmetrics promise

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