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Guitar Chord trainer 2.0 (Guitar chord learner)

Guitar Chord trainer 2.0 (Guitar chord learner)

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Model Number: Chord trainer 2.0
Type: Guitar chord learning gadget

A unique way of learning and playing Guitar chords

New Guitar chord trainer and Learning System Practice Aid with 21 chords

guitar chord trainer- guitarmetrics


  • Extremely quick progression with a proven, effective, system, suitable for all ages.
guitar chord trainer- guitarmetrics
  • Practice chords in a fast way and play songs you like with this unique guitar chord trainer. 
  • Start playing from the minute you attach the chord learner to your guitar.
  • Six universal basic chords included: C、Dm、Em、F、G、Am
  • Play 15 extended chords based on the six universal basic chords.
  • Totally, you can play 21 chords with this aid.
  • Easy installation. Install it by just clipping on the guitar neck. 
guitar chord trainer- guitarmetrics
  • The strong and non-movable grip allows the guitar chord trainer to fix itself to the guitar body.


  • Material: ABS+Metal
  • Size: 6 × 7 × 9cm (L× W× H)
  • Weight:200g

Package including:

  • 1 x Guitar Chord trainer 2.0 (Guitar chord trainer and learner gadget)


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