Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks

Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks

Explore the World of Guitar with GuitarTricks: A Comprehensive Review

In light of the abundance of resources that are available online, learning to play the guitar may be an experience that is simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. GuitarTricks is a platform that stands out from the crowd because it has continuously received great ratings and has given assistance to millions of students. GuitarTricks is now widely considered to be among the most comprehensive websites for best online guitar lessons.

Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks

The company was established in 1998. The learning experience provided by GuitarTricks is one that is well-organized, user-friendly, and extremely effective. This is true regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced guitarist trying to develop your skills. The advantages, benefits, and one-of-a-kind offerings of GuitarTricks are discussed in depth in this blog article, which also includes a comprehensive FAQ section that provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Features of GuitarTricks

Core Learning System🎸

Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks

The Core Learning System is one of the components that sets GuitarTricks apart from other platforms. Through a series of step-by-step instructions, it is designed to teach novices how to play the guitar, beginning with the fundamentals and progressing to more complex methods. The system is broken up into two primary courses: Guitar Fundamentals 1 and 2, which cover the fundamentals, and a series of genre-specific courses; these courses are designed to provide more advanced learning opportunities.

Through the use of a methodical, step-by-step curriculum, the Core Learning System offered by GuitarTricks is intended to take you from becoming a newbie guitarist to becoming an expert in the instrument. What it includes is:

Guitar Fundamentals:🎸

The fundamentals of the guitar are covered in these lessons, which are broken up into two levels and concentrate on fundamentals such as chords, strumming, and basic melodies. The ideal choice for novices.

Intermediate Courses:🎸

Once students have mastered the fundamentals, they continue their education by enrolling in intermediate courses in a variety of musical styles, including blues, rock, country, and acoustic. Each style is comprised of two levels, which ensures that the level of difficulty gradually ascends.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

Extensive Lesson Library

Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks

With more than 11,000 lessons available, GuitarTricks guarantees that there is something suitable for every single user. Users are able to concentrate on the musical styles that most pique their interest because these classes are organized into a variety of genres, such as rock, blues, country, metal, and others.
An vast library that covers a wide variety of musical styles and approaches is provided by GuitarTricks, which now has more than 11,000 lessons and continues to add more on a regular basis. Here is a more in-depth look:


Lessons are offered in a wide variety of genres, including Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Metal, Classical, and many more.


The platform includes crucial techniques that are required for each genre, ranging from fingerpicking to soloing.

GuitarTricks provides lessons for hundreds of popular songs, complete with chords, tabs, and extensive instructions. These lessons are available as part of the Song Tutorials section.

Guitar Tricks

Song Lessons

Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks

One of the most successful ways to keep kids involved and motivated is to teach them the material through songs. Users can learn how to play popular songs from a wide variety of genres by using the hundreds of song lessons that are available on GuitarTricks platform. Sheet music and video explanations are both included in each sessions, making it simple to follow along with the curriculum.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

High-Quality Instructors

GuitarTricks makes use of professional instructors who are both skilled musicians and educators to deliver the lessons that are offered on the website. In order to provide a wide variety of instructional approaches and points of view, each instructor brings their own distinctive approach and area of expertise to the table.

Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks

There is a team of world-class instructors working for GuitarTricks, each of them has their own distinct approach and area of specialty. Anders Mouridsen, Mike Olekshy, and Dave Celentano are examples of instructors that bring years of professional expertise and a passion for teaching to the classroom, which results in educational experiences that are both interesting and enlightening.

In-Depth Look at GuitarTricks Instructors

The roster of instructors on GuitarTricks is comprised of a wide variety of highly skilled and experienced individuals, each of whom brings a distinctive approach and area of expertise to the platform. All of them include:

  1. Anders Mouridsen - Specializes in Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Country, and Bluegrass.
  2. Mike Olekshy - Covers Rock, Acoustic, Country, Metal, and Funk.
  3. Dave Celentano - Known for Rock, Acoustic, Blues, Metal, and Pop.
  4. Molly Miller - Focuses on Jazz.
  5. Christopher Schlegel - Teaches Classical, Blues, Rock, Jazz, and Pop.

Every instructor on GuitarTricks is a professional musician who has a significant amount of teaching experience. This ensures that the lessons they provide are of a high quality and interesting, and they cover a wide variety of musical styles and skill levels. You can find additional information by going to the GuitarTricks Instructors page.

Guitar Tricks

Interactive Learning Tools

Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks

The platform offers high-definition video courses that are captured from a variety of camera angles, allowing viewers to observe the instructor in action from a variety of perspectives. When it comes to comprehending intricate techniques and finger placements, this visual clarity is quite helpful.

Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks

For the purpose of making the learning process more enjoyable, GuitarTricks features a number of interactive tools. There is a tuner, a metronome, a scale finder, and a chord finder included with these pieces of equipment. When it comes to training and perfecting guitar talents, these resources are of incalculable use.

GuitarTricks includes several interactive tools like:

  • Guitar Tuner: A built-in tuner to ensure your guitar is always in perfect tune.

  • Chord Finder: An extensive database to help you learn and identify chords.

  • Scale Finder: Helps in understanding and practicing scales.

  • Metronome: A vital tool for keeping time and improving rhythm.

Through the use of the platform, users are able to monitor their progress, which makes it simple to determine how far they have come and which aspects require additional attention. The setting and accomplishment of learning objectives is facilitated by this feature.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

Below is a example of their video lessons:


Personalized Feedback and Community Support

Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks

GuitarTricks is distinguished by its individualized feedback system, which is one of its most notable features. Learners have the ability to post videos of themselves playing, and instructors will provide them with suggestions and criticism. Additionally, the platform provides a lively community forum where users may support one another, ask questions, and share their experiences with one another.

Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks

Mobile Access

Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks

Since GuitarTricks can be accessed through mobile devices, users are able to learn while they are on the move. Because the mobile software for the platform is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, it is easily accessible and handy to practice whenever and wherever you want. Because of this, you will be able to access classes and practice regardless of where you are from.

Gift Certificates

Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks

Gift certificates are available from Guitar Tricks, and they may be given either electronically or printed out when you order them. There are three different lengths of time that they are available for: three months for $59, six months for $79, and twelve months for $179. The recipient of the certificates will have complete access to all of Guitar Tricks' online guitar lessons, which include more than 11,000 courses that span nearly every style and method that can possibly be imagined. Included in this is access to a technique of learning that is broken down into steps, video lessons, a feedback system, a forum, a tuner, a metronome, and additional resources.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

GuitarTricks Blog

GuitarTricks provides a blog that is constantly updated and acts as a helpful resource for people who are interested in playing the guitar. This blog is in addition to the extensive lesson collection and resources that it provides. A wide variety of subjects are discussed on the site, such as in-depth tutorials, reviews of various pieces of equipment, insights into music theory, and suggestions for improving playing techniques.

The GuitarTricks blog includes everything you could possibly need, whether you are seeking for guidance on how to master a new chord sequence, reviews of the most recent guitar gear, or insights into the history of a variety of music genres. Not only does it provide guitarists of all skill levels with additional learning materials and motivation, but it is also a wonderful adjunct to the scheduled sessions.

Why Choose GuitarTricks?🎸

One of the ways in which GuitarTricks differentiates itself from other online guitar lesson platforms is through the structured learning paths, the diversity of courses, and the supportive community that it offers. It is important to take into consideration GuitarTricks for the following reasons:

  • Proven Success: Over 4 million users have benefitted from GuitarTricks’ lessons.
  • Quality Content: Lessons are meticulously planned and delivered by experienced instructors.
  • Flexibility: Learn at your own pace, with the ability to revisit lessons as needed.
  • Comprehensive Resources: From beginner basics to advanced techniques, everything is covered.
  • Affordable Pricing: Various membership options to suit different budgets, with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Guitar Tricks Online Guitar Lessons

User Reviews and Feedback

Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks

The majority of the feedback that has been provided by users regarding GuitarTricks is highly positive. The website has received a large number of reviews. Take a look at some of the most important comments from users:

Positive Reviews

Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks
  • Comprehensive Lessons: Users appreciate the depth and breadth of lessons available. Many reviewers noted that the structured approach of the Core Learning System was particularly helpful for beginners.

  • Quality Instructors: The professionalism and expertise of the instructors are frequently mentioned as a major plus. Users find the instructors' teaching styles engaging and easy to follow.

  • Song Variety: The wide range of song lessons is a hit among users. Being able to learn their favorite songs keeps them motivated and excited to practice.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform's interface is praised for being intuitive and easy to navigate. Users find it simple to locate lessons and track their progress.

  • Value for Money: Many users feel that GuitarTricks offers great value for the price, especially considering the extensive library of lessons and resources available.

Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks
Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks
Best Guitar Lesson Online: GuitarTricks

Constructive Feedback

  • Navigation Improvements: Some users suggested that while the interface is generally user-friendly, finding specific lessons or genres could be more streamlined.
  • Lesson Depth: A few advanced users mentioned that they would like to see even more in-depth lessons on advanced techniques and niche genres.

Detailed Reviews

For a more comprehensive look at user feedback, you can check out the reviews page on the GuitarTricks website here. Here are some specific examples:

  • John D. says, "GuitarTricks is hands down the best online guitar learning platform. The lessons are clear, the instructors are fantastic, and the song selection is amazing. I've improved more in the last six months than I did in years of trying to learn on my own."
  • Sarah M. notes, "I love how the lessons are structured. The Core Learning System made it so easy to get started, and now I'm diving into the blues and having a blast. The instructors make everything so approachable."
  • Alex P. comments, "As someone who travels a lot, the mobile app has been a game-changer. I can practice anywhere, and the quality of the lessons is just as good on my phone as it is on my laptop."

Guitar Tricks


GuitarTricks offers a straightforward pricing model with two main options:

Free Basic Membership

GuitarTricks' huge collection is accessible to a limited extent through the free basic membership's limited access. Twenty-four lessons, fundamental tools such as the metronome and tuner, and limited access to the technique reference library, extended faculty, jam station, and artist study seminars are all available to users. In spite of the fact that the basic membership provides customers with a taste of everything GuitarTricks has to offer, its primary purpose is to provide users with an introduction to the capabilities of the platform.

Full Access Membership

There is a savings of sixty dollars for annual subscribers who subscribe to the Full Access subscription, which costs either $19.95 per month or $179 per year of membership. By purchasing this subscription, customers are granted unrestricted access to more than 11,000 lessons, a vast song collection, and all of the interactive tools that are available on GuitarTricks.

Subscribers have the ability to learn at their own pace with the full support of experienced instructors, including extensive video tutorials and a selection of classes that are tailored to a particular genre. One of the most cost-effective options for learners who are committed to their studies is the Full Access membership, which provides an outstanding value in terms of the breadth and quality of the content it provides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I really learn how to play guitar with GuitarTricks?

Answer: Absolutely! GuitarTricks is designed to cater to all skill levels. With consistent practice and following their structured lessons, you can certainly learn to play guitar.

2. How do I use GuitarTricks online guitar lessons?

Answer: Once you sign up, log in to your account and start watching lessons. You can follow a structured path or choose specific lessons based on your interest.

3. What is the Core Learning System?

Answer: The Core Learning System is a step-by-step program that takes you from a beginner to an advanced player through progressively challenging lessons.

4. Is there a free trial available?

Answer: Yes, GuitarTricks offers a 14-day free trial, allowing you to explore the platform and its features before committing to a subscription.

5. Do I need any prior musical knowledge?

Answer: No prior knowledge is required. The Guitar Fundamentals course is designed for absolute beginners and covers all the basics.

6. Are the lessons suitable for kids?

Answer: Yes, GuitarTricks lessons are designed to be engaging and easy to follow, making them suitable for learners of all ages, including kids.

7. Can I access GuitarTricks on mobile devices?

Answer: Yes, GuitarTricks has a mobile app available for iOS and Android, allowing you to learn and practice on the go.

8. What kind of songs can I learn?

Answer: GuitarTricks offers tutorials for a wide range of songs across different genres. You can learn songs from artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eagles, and more.

9. How does the personalized feedback system work?

Answer: Learners can submit videos of their playing through the platform. Instructors then review these videos and provide personalized feedback and tips for improvement.

10. Is there a money-back guarantee?

Answer: Yes, GuitarTricks offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your progress, you can get a full refund within this period.


Designed to meet the needs of guitarists of all skill levels, GuitarTricks is a platform that is both robust and versatile. Because of its well-organized Core Learning System, huge library of lessons, and community of passionate learners, it is a wonderful option for anyone who is serious about learning how to play the guitar. If you are interested in achieving your musical goals, GuitarTricks provides you with the information and support you require, regardless of whether you are just beginning or are looking to learn advanced skills.
Check out GuitarTricks for additional information, and get started on your road to becoming a better guitarist right away!

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