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Must have Guitar Accessories

We here at Guitarmetrics are huge Geeks for Guitar related accessories and collectibles. We know that accessories are not completely necessary for making music, but it definitely helps the musician to reach new musical horizons! That is why in this Blog post we would love to let you know about the best accessories a guitarist can own. From Guitar pedals to Little quirky gadgets, we will cover it all for you guys! We all know that Historic and legendary Guitar players like Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Joe Satriani and many more have developed their own unique sound on the instrument, but they also used several Guitar Gadgets to get their Iconic Tone. David Gilmour has stated that "I don't even think...

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How to Practice Guitar without a Guitar!

Hey all you Guitar fanatics, We here at Guitarmetrics are always trying to share the best content and tips for all the Music lovers out there. We know that every guitarist who becomes good at what they do is because of their practice and perseverance. But, it is not easy to put all of your time of the day into guitar practice. We know many of us have obligations and jobs to do which makes it hard for us to follow our passion. We here at Guitar metrics believe that you don't always need a guitar to practice. Even without a guitar, you can practice different things related to guitars like theory and more. We have learned these tips from...

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Guitar Practice Routines of Top Guitarist's

Hello to all the Guitar Fanatics, We know Practice is a very Important word for every Musician. You might have heard this a million times...If you want to Get Better at Guitar Just 'PRACTICE'. And you have to admit, It's true. So our Guitarmetrics team has brought some inspiration for you! We have Collected the Practice Routine's of top Guitar players you know and Showcased here.  Every guitar player is different, some Players might just practice 2-4 hours a day and they can shred like crazy and some Players work for it Day and Night, but in all these players you can see one thing in common, the love they have for Music! We have not only included Practice Routine's of Guitar...

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