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Discover the Top 5 Beginner Guitar Podcasts

5 Best Beginner Guitar Podcasts Worth Listening!

We live in an age of podcasts and it’s now a pretty well-worn joke that “There’s a podcast for that”.  However, podcasts can provide great information to you in easily digestible episodes or simply a way to nerd out about a topic you’re passionate about. 

If you are a musician you likely spend most of your time listening to music, trying to find inspiration or just enjoying the sound of some of your favorite pieces of music.  But, if you are a guitarist here are 5 podcasts it might just be worth tuning in to.


1. Chasing Tone

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Releasing once a week with an average run-time of an hour, Chasing Tone is great for all types of guitar players and covers a variety of topics. 

Whether it’s interviews with well-known folks in the industry, the business standpoints of the guitar industry or simply updates on new gear releases there is likely to be an episode here for you. 

Brian Wampler, Blake Wyland, Travis Feaster and Max Jeffreys are joined by guests to discuss these topics, answer listener questions and advise you how to get the most out of the gear you have.


2. Guitar Music Theory

Guitar Music Theory | Podcasts on Audible | Audible.com

“Most of us hear this dreaded term and want to run for the hills,” laughs Maudie Morin of Revieweal and Simplegrad, “but this podcast actually provides a fun and accessible way to learn scales, chords and other key theory that we otherwise might want to avoid.” 

It’s a little bit more involved than some of the podcasts on this list but ‘Guitar Music Theory provides you with some brilliant lessons that make learning music theory actually fun. 

While episodes are there to focus on chords and scales, there are also episodes breaking down some of your favourite guitar riffs explaining the timing, technique and more.

3. Fretboard Journal

The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast on Apple Podcasts

If you’re already reading ‘Fretboard Journal Magazine’ this weekly podcast is a must for your list.  

With interviews of some amazing musicians, music historians and those who build our beloved instruments there is no shortage of interesting content. 

No matter whether you are an acoustic or electric guitar player at heart there is something here for you.  Episodes release weekly and tend to run for around 50 minutes.

4. Premier Guitar’s Rig Rundowns

Rig Rundowns : Premier Guitar: Amazon.in: Audible Books & Originals

“If you’ve ever wondered what gear some of your favourite guitarists use and what is the best set up for your preferred music genre then this is the podcast for you,” recommends John Hewitt, guitar blogger for Studydemic and Essayroo

Giving you a rundown of the rigs of some of the biggest acts on the road today and how they use it, this podcast is fantastic for those of us who want to know more about those musicians that inspire us and what the professionals are up to.

Episodes greatly vary in length from 20 minutes to over an hour depending on the artist.  There is a backlog over 200+ episodes so there’s sure to be something here that grabs your attention.

5.The Tone Mob

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Blake Wyland makes his second appearance on this list with ‘The Tone Mob.  Similar to ‘Chasing Tone’ this podcast provides deep insights into the industry but takes a very relaxed tone and setting. 

Discussing more boutique builds and set ups as well as insights from people in the industry others might not consider, for example Journey’s photographer, this podcast is equal parts informative and entertaining. 

Like ‘Chasing Tone’ this podcast releases weekly with an average of about an hour run-time.

Guitar podcasts can be found on almost any topic you are interested in.  Here I have mostly focussed on the high-level podcasts that offer discussions of gear, interviews with the best of the best and tips for becoming a better player. However, this is not an exhaustive list by any means.  

Finding the right podcast for you can be a tricky task and it’s easy to throw the whole lot out if you don’t enjoy one podcast on a topic.  However, there are many options out there for you no matter your interests.  

This is only a short list of 5 options of Best Beginner Guitar Podcasts that are out there, but there are definitely more that you should look into if none of these fit your needs.

Writer Jenny Han, Top essay writing services and Best essay writing services, enjoys taking time to share her passion for music. She is also a blogger for Academadvisor.

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