Iconic Guitarists and their Hobbies: The Classic and Unusual

Iconic Guitarists and their Hobbies: The Classic and Unusual


When we see guitarists they are usually strutting their stuff on stage, but besides touring there are lots of times when guitarists need hobbies to fill the days and keep them amused. People may have stereotypes about what kinds of things guitar icons tend to enjoy, but there are some hobbies that may really surprise people.

Just because guitarists may be living the glam lifestyle, some of them have hobbies that are extremely chilled out (maybe they need this after a life on the road). Guitarists past and present are featured on our list!

Lemmy – Slot Games

Iconic Guitarists and their Hobbies: The Classic and Unusual

Lemmy Kilminster was known for his love of playing slot games and the “one-armed bandit” style games that would be found in pubs and other locations around the UK.

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Towards the later decades of his life, Lemmy had the option of playing modern slots online as these machines went through an evolution to become the slot machines we know today. Lemmy strikes us as the old-fashioned type, who may have been used to sitting and spinning the physical reels, but Motorhead's enjoyment of slot games had an impact on the online gambling world.

Iconic Guitarists and their Hobbies: The Classic and Unusual

Lemmy became famous in the 60s and 70s and it is stunning to look at the evolution of the industry in his lifetime. From the early days of just a few fruit-themed machines to a load of online slot machines that have launched in the modern age, there is plenty of choice.

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Lemmy’s lifestyle definitely fit some of the stereotypes people have of rockstars and he enjoyed nightlife and the finer things in life. The superstar guitarist made his enjoyment of slot games clear throughout his life. Nightclubs were also a staple for Ian (Lemmy) who had the kind of social life you’d associate with a rockstar.

Slash – Horror Movies

Iconic Guitarists and their Hobbies: The Classic and Unusual

Slash, the top-hat-wearing guitarist of Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver, is a huge fan of horror movies.

He may have the most appropriate nickname for this to be his hobby! The guitarist’s fascination with the genre led to an impressive collection of horror films and memorabilia.

Iconic Guitarists and their Hobbies: The Classic and Unusual

The GNR star Slash’s love for horror extends beyond watching movies and he has also ventured into producing. Slasher Films is his film studio (yes, really) which focuses on creating high-quality horror movies. This hobby, which is also a business interest, reveals Slash’s imaginative side, it will be interesting to see if the films he releases end up being “slash hits”.

David Gilmour – Aviation

Iconic Guitarists and their Hobbies: The Classic and Unusual

Maybe he’s trying to reach the dark side of the moon. David Gilmour, the iconic guitarist of Pink Floyd, is not only known for his stunning guitar solos but also for his passion for aviation. Since 1997, Gilmour has been a licensed pilot and owns a collection of vintage aircraft.

The 1970s were the decade when his passion began, and he has since spent many hours soaring through the skies as the Pink Floyd millions fund this awesome hobby.

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As you’d imagine, Gilmour still tours and has an amazing repertoire which has helped turn him into one of the most iconic guitarists of all time. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was one of the most successful and revered albums ever to hit the shelves and is still listened to by millions today.

Brian May – Astrophysicist and Animal Rights Advocate

Iconic Guitarists and their Hobbies: The Classic and Unusual

Queen’s riffs are known all over the world, and the songs are worth around a billion dollars if you believe the reports.

Brian May, the iconic, frizzy-haired guitarist of the band is not just a rock legend but also an astrophysicist. May has a Ph.D. in astrophysics and has co-authored several research papers and books on the subject. May did his university doctoral thesis even while Queen was at the height of their fame, and now helps to run STARMUS festival which is a science and music festival that takes place around Europe.

Iconic Guitarists and their Hobbies: The Classic and Unusual

Animal rights are also high on the agenda for May and he has been involved in numerous campaigns to protect wildlife, particularly British badgers, and has used his platform to raise awareness about animal conservation issues; he even wrote a song about protecting British wildlife.

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Many guitarists have the money and time to pursue some unusual hobbies. Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood now spends some of his time producing olive oil if you can believe that!

Hobbies not only offer relaxation and enjoyment but also can have an impact on their creative processes, influencing their music in subtle ways (well, sometimes). As fans, exploring these aspects of their lives can deepen our appreciation for axe-wielding superstars who we listen to on a daily basis, but may not know much about. Unusual hobbies are sometimes humorous but they also give another insight into what the person is like when they’re off stage and out of their persona.

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