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Ibanez grip wizard series

$6.99 $9.00
White pa14msgBlack pa16mcg crackYellow pa16msgBlack pa14hsgBlue pa14hsgWhite pa14hsgYellow pa14hsgBlue pa16mcg crackWhite pa16mcg crackBlack pa14msgBlue pa14msgYellow pa14msgBlack pa16hcg crackBlue pa16hcg crackWhite pa16hcg crackYellow pa16hcg crackBlack pa16hsgBlue pa16hsgWhite pa16hsgYellow pa16hsgBlack pa16msgBlue pa16msgWhite pa16msgWhite pa16xcg crackYellow pa16xcg crackBlue pa16xsgWhite pa16xsgYellow pa16xsg

Ibanez rubber grip picks

$9.99 $12.50
Blue jazz 0.8mmBlack triangle 0.8mmBlue jazz 1.0mmWhite jazz 1.0mmWhite jazz 0.8mmYellow jazz 0.8mmYellow jazz 1.2mmBlue triangle 0.8mmWhite triangle 0.8mmYellow tri 0.8mmBlack triangle 0.6mmBlack jazz 1.0mmYellow jazz 1.0mmBlack jazz 0.8mmBlack jazz 1.2mmBlue jazz 1.2mmWhite jazz 1.2mmBlue trianglue 0.6mmWhite triangle 0.6mmYellow tri 0.6mm

Ibanez sand grip wizard guitar picks

Black pa16hcgDark blue pa16hcgWhite pa16hcgYellow pa16hcgBlack pa16mcgDark blue pa16mcgWhite pa16mcgBlack pa16xcgDark blue pa16xcgWhite pa16xcgYellow pa16xcg

Fender tru-shell picks

Medium 1 pieceHeavy 1 pieceExtra heavy 1 piece