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Pickmob™ Guitar pick punch

Pickmob™ Guitar pick punch

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Introducing the Pickmob™ Guitar Pick Puncher - Your Ultimate Pick Crafting Companion!


What is a guitar pick puncher?

Flanger guitar pick puncher- guitarmetrics

With the Pickmob™ Guitar pick puncher, you can quickly and easily make your own recycled guitar picks. Create properly formed guitar picks out of thin plastic materials such as old gift cards, hotel key cards, and expired credit cards.

The steel head of the robust Pick Punch can cut through materials as thick as 1mm. It is simple to examine the material you choose for punching and precisely punch out your design with an open bottom.

Now create custom Guitar picks instantly with this unique guitar pick puncher from Pickmob!


🎸 Craft Your Perfect Pick: With Pickmob™, you have the power to create custom guitar picks from a variety of materials. Turn old credit cards, unused plastic, or even leather scraps into personalized picks that match your unique preferences.

Pickmob™ Guitar pick puncher

🎶 Unleash Your Creativity: Whether you prefer a classic standard pick or want to experiment with different shapes and thicknesses, the Pickmob™ puncher allows you to design picks that enhance your playing and bring out your creative side.

♻️ Eco-Friendly Solution: Reduce waste by upcycling materials you already have. Say goodbye to disposable picks that clutter the environment and embrace a sustainable approach to your guitar playing.

Pickmob™ Guitar pick puncher

🔧 Easy to Use: The Pickmob™ puncher is designed with simplicity in mind. Just insert your chosen material, press down, and voila! You have a custom guitar pick ready for action.

🎁 The Perfect Gift: Ideal for guitarists of all skill levels, the Pickmob™ Guitar Pick Puncher makes for a thoughtful and unique gift. Surprise your musician friends or treat yourself to endless possibilities in pick design.

Upgrade your guitar playing experience today with the Pickmob™ Guitar Pick Puncher. Craft, play, and repeat – the power to shape your sound is in your hands!

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    You can choose the right material and pattern according to your preference for DIY manual pick cutting.

    Package includes:

    1 * Pick cutter (Pick punch)

    2 * test paper

    1 * sandpaper

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