Metallica's Kirk Hammett Fumbled the Intro to Nothing Else Matters, But the Crowd Didn't Care

Metallica's Kirk Hammett Fumbled the Intro to Nothing Else Matters, But the Crowd Didn't Care

Kirk Hammett had a bit of a slip-up at the first show of Metallica's 2023 US tour on Friday night (August 4). The guitarist fumbled the introduction to the band's iconic ballad "Nothing Else Matters" at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Watch the video below:

Hammett stopped the song mid-riff and addressed the audience with a smile on his face. "Okay, it's the first show," he said. "I'm gonna do this intro all over for you guys again. It's just not good enough for myself, and if it's not good enough for myself, it's not good enough for you!"

The crowd erupted in cheers as Hammett played the intro again, this time flawlessly. The band then launched into the rest of the song, which was met with a thunderous ovation.

Hammett's flub is a reminder that even the best musicians in the world are human and make mistakes. But it's also a testament to his professionalism that he was able to recover so quickly and give the fans the performance they deserved.

The rest of the show was a triumphant affair, with Metallica playing a setlist that spanned their entire career. The band was in top form, and the crowd was clearly enjoying themselves. It was a fitting start to what is sure to be a memorable tour.

In a post-show interview, Hammett said that he was just feeling a bit nervous on the first night of tour. "I wanted to make sure I gave the fans the best possible performance," he said. "I'm glad I was able to recover and give them what they wanted."

Hammett also said that he was impressed with the crowd's reaction. "They were really understanding," he said. "They knew it was just a mistake, and they were just happy to be there."

The Metallica fan community is known for its loyalty and support, and this incident is just another example of that. Fans were quick to come to Hammett's defense on social media, and they praised him for his professionalism and humility.

It's clear that Kirk Hammett is a world-class guitarist, but he's also a human being who makes mistakes. This incident is a reminder that even the best of the best can have an off night. But it's also a reminder of the importance of professionalism and humility, which are two qualities that Hammett has in abundance.

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