5  Best Gibson Guitars You Should buy

5 Best Gibson Electric Guitars To Buy: A Must- Know Guide

5  Best Gibson Guitar Models You Should buy

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Guitars are available in different colours, styles, models, shapes, sizes and sounds. Each of them is created with one main purpose to serve.

Guitars are one of the most interesting musical instruments as they come in many styles.

They do have one more feature and that is synergy. It is the coordinating effect of every element in the guitar which produces amazing sounds.

This is one of the most important aspects that you can look for. Gibson guitars are vintage and classic ones of today.

They are a total package of all the exceptional features. Here are 5 Best Gibson guitars models should consider buying.

1. The Gibson SG

5 Best Gibson Electric Guitars To Buy: A Must- Know Guide

Gibson SG is a model that was introduced in the year 1961. The splendid feature of this guitar is that it is lightweight.

You can easily find the vintage Gibson guitar parts very easily for this one. It is made of mahogany wood which is quite durable and strong.

It has a small and extra-thin neck that can be played by anyone. This increases the playability of the guitar in a big way.

It is also cheaper than the previous Gibson models. The versatile design makes it repairable and parts for Gibson guitars are easily available which makes it one of the best gibson guitars out there. It also produces sounds that are fully balanced.

However the joint on the neck is slightly weak which can affect sound quality. It can break easily and is fragile due to its super thin nature.

2. Les Paul Ultima

Les Paul Ultima

The Les Paul model is the model that was released before SG or Solid Guitar. This Ultima model from Les Paul is a little expensive and is a total vintage collection.

These look classy, luxurious and have explicitly handcrafted features which makes them one of the best gibson guitars to consider buying. It has a good sound capacity that has clear uniqueness.

This comes in two different colours, one in regular sunburst colour and the other is in blue-grey colour.

You can get a  Gibson guitar tailpiece and its parts easily. Since this is a vintage edition, it is best to avoid any kind of damage. It can be repaired but it might lose its charm and splendour.

This remains to be the favourite of most guitarists. It is not really lightweight but it is stronger. It is one of the finest guitars available today.

It is suitable for professionals and also for beginners. The cost is the only restriction with this model.

3. ES-335 Ultima

ES-335 Ultima

The Gibson ES-335 range is also one of the famous guitars. The Ultima feature is a part of this range too.

This is designed to give elegance and richness. It is made of a unique turquoise-green finish along with golden details.

It is bigger than most of the other models from Gibson. There are inlays with different patterns on it.

The entire piece is perfect for every beginner. The parts for Gibson guitars are easily available and can be repaired whenever you need them.

You can also get this Gibson guitar tailpiece if it gets damaged.

4. Tom Murphy and Aged Les Paul Standard collection

Les Paul Standard Figured Top Tom Murphy Painted & Aged

The Les Paul Standard has always been considered as one of the best gibson guitars of all time, it's becoming popular in recent days because of the vintage feel and sound quality.

Its combination with Tom Murphy is a great advantage you can get.

The vintage feels with the sunburst tints adds elegance. Also, all of these features are available at good and reasonable prices.

You can surely get vintage Gibson guitar parts for this historical model of the guitar. This is also one of the limited edition models so any compromise with the sound quality is not made.

This makes the model perfect for all guitarists who love vintage feels.

5. Gibson Anaconda Les Paul

5 Best Gibson Electric Guitars To Buy: A Must- Know Guide

The shimmering emerald green colour is the highlight of this Gibson Anaconda Les Paul model.

This is one of the most stunning guitars ever made by Gibson. This comes with the original Les Paul Standard construction.

Most of the Les Paul parts for Gibson guitars are available. The neck profile of this guitar is strong enough for years to come.

It is also combined with the Slash neck profile and other Slash features which can be customised too. So this belongs to one of the most recommended guitars from Gibson. 

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