Guitar Practice Routines of Top Guitarists

Uncover the Guitar Practice Routines of Top Guitarists

Guitar Practice Routines of Top Guitarist's- guitarmetrics

Guitar Practice Routines of Top Guitarist's- guitarmetrics

Hello to all the Guitar Fanatics, We know Practice is a very important word for every Musician.

You might have heard this a million times...If you want to Get Better at Guitar Just 'PRACTICE'. And you have to admit, It's true. So our Guitarmetrics team has brought some inspiration for you! We have Collected the Practice Routine's of top Guitar players you know and Showcased here. 

Every guitar player is different, some Players might just practice 2-4 hours a day and they can shred like crazy and some Players work for it Day and Night, but in all these players you can see one thing in common, the love they have for Music!

We have not only included Practice Routines of Guitar Masters like Steve Vai and John Petrucci but also Slash, Eddie Van Halen and others who are more of a Rockstar Icon who Changed the Guitar World! 

You know the pain you go through when you practice 6-8 hours a day and get Exhausted. well, these guitar icons used to practice 10-15 hours a day, try to catch up with that!

These Guitarists have shown Extreme Perseverance in their Guitar Playing, no wonder they are the Guitar Gods!

1. Steve Vai (10 Hours Routine Guitar Workout)

Guitar Practice Routines of Top Guitarist's- guitarmetrics

Everybody's read the interview of Steve's that says, "it got to the point where I came home from school on Friday, slept till half the night, then woke up and practiced until time for school the next Monday.

I did this because I had my practice regime written down and I had a list of things I had to get through". we have always wondered, how is it Physically Possible?? But who are we to question the Great Steve Vai!

To get a better understanding of his practice routine, we checked out his infamous 10-hour Practice Workout. And we came to the conclusion that Steve Vai spent a lot of time playing hundreds of permutations of 1,2,3,4 across and up and down the fretboard, all chords, scales, and arpeggios in all positions and all keys, melodic sequences in all keys and positions, intervals in all keys and positions, concentrated on picking, concentrated in slurring, played a lot of songs, transcribed a lot of songs and lastly he improvised a lot!! 

Steve Vai transcribed a lot of music when he was the guitarist of Frank Zappa which influenced his Hardcore Practice Routine.

In short Steve Vai divided his Practice time into small groups dedicated to different areas of Guitar Playing like Exercises, chords, scales, ear training, sight-reading, writing, theory, and Jamming.

That's why he can play any technique Flawlessly. So if you are brave enough to complete steve vai's Practice routine you can also become a Guitar Virtuoso! check out the video below where Steve talks about his Practice Routine.

If anyone of you has already started working on the Steve Vai Practice routine then tell us in the comments.

Video Credits- Youtube channel- Justinguitar



2. SLASH (Playing is the best Practicing)

Guitar Practice Routines of Top Guitarist's- guitarmetrics

Who doesn't know the Guitar Hero!!! Slash is undoubtedly the Face of Rock Guitar Player, His Practice routines are very different from most of the guitarist's, He believes that the more you play the better you get.

For instance, take his Iconic Riff from 'Sweet child o mine'. In an Interview, slash said ' That whole riff was just a mistake-a joke, really. To this day, I find it incredibly ironic and hilarious that it turned into a song, especially such a successful one.

The riff started out as a stupid exercise that I noodled around with nearly every time I picked up a guitar. I don't really know how to practice properly, so I like to make up things that are difficult to play so that I can become better at what I do'. Slash's practice routine consists of Playing Random things continuously until you stumble on something cool.

He is not the most technical player around but no one can beat his melodic playing style. Also, he is one of the most dedicated musicians there is. In an interview, he stated 'I had a really hard time nailing the intro solo on "Paradise City." It just wasn't "jamming" enough, as far as I was concerned.

I finally had to quit for the day and go home, but I came back the next day and nailed it in one take. It was devastating to leave the studio with that song unfinished. I have a very short attention span. 

So in short, Play as long as you can because every minute of your playing is Practice.  Check out Slash talking about his practice routine in the video below.

Video credit- Youtube channel- Guitar interactive


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 3. Eddie Van Halen (a six-pack of Schlitz Malt Beer and Guitar)

 Guitar Practice Routines of Top Guitarist's- guitarmetrics

The man who gave 'ERUPTION' to the world also had a quite weird way to practice Guitar. Eddie Van Halen was fascinated by the guitar and would sit on the edge of his bed and play every single day.

His brother and friends would go out, Friday night, mid-seventies, southern California. Edward would stay behind, get a six-pack of Schlitz beer, and noodle away. Eddie himself has stated that 'I used to sit on the edge of my bed with a six-pack of Schlitz Malt talls.

My brother would go out at 7 pm to party and get laid, and when he'd come back at 3 am, I would still be sitting in the same place, playing guitar. I did that for years — I still do that.

Eddie Van Halen was first introduced to piano playing but he had no interest in sight-reading, But on the other hand, he loved playing the piano. he won many piano competitions by memorizing the sheet music and performing it by memory.

He has also stated that he used to unplug his guitar and Practice all around the house without the sound so that his fingers could get comfortable with his wacky playing movements. 

Eddie doesn't have a fixed routine of Practicing but as Slash said, the more you play the better you get. Check out the video below to know more.

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Video credits- Youtube channel- Billboard


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3. John Petrucci (Disciplined Practicing)

 Guitar Practice Routines of Top Guitarist's- guitarmetrics

John Petrucci of dream theatre is known to be a Disciplined Guitar Player. He has Contributed to the Rock music with his melodic and virtuosic guitar solos. His practice routine is more towards organized practice and giving importance to each element of guitar playing.

In John Petrucci's interview with Guitar World magazine he has stated that 'Before you start a practicing regimen, you have to be aware that the study of music is a lifelong process-it's a discipline.

And the key to mastering any discipline is consistency. It's much better to play the guitar a half-hour a day, every day than not practice for a week and then jam for five hours one day getting the most out of your practicing regimen depends on not only the quantity but the quality of time you put in.

If you practice in a focused, concentrated manner and make efficient use of your time, you will progress a lot faster than if you were to use the same time noodling without any specific goals or direction'. You can sense by his comment that he is a very organized and disciplined Guitar Player.

He has also released a Guitar tutorial series called the 'ROCK DISCIPLINE' in which he shows his techniques and practice licks. Check out the video below of rock discipline by John Petrucci.

Video credits- Youtube channel- Guitar channel


4. Joe Satriani (1-hour limit Practice Routine)

Guitar Practice Routines of Top Guitarist's- guitarmetrics

Joe Satriani is also known as one of the most organized and disciplined Guitar players. You can judge from his Technique that he favors some Techniques more than others.

Like his legato technique is top-notch and many of his songs include a legato run. Joe Satriani's thought on practicing is that a particular technique should only be practiced for an hour, not more than that. In an interview with Guitar World, he stated that 'The brain can only hold so much new information before it says “enough.” Scientists have studied the changes that occur in the brain when a person learns something new. 

They’ve found it takes a while for the brain to recover before it can process new information. So limit yourself to one hour a day on anything that is new or especially challenging.

Joe Satriani also gives great importance to chord knowledge. In his interview, he said 'It seems silly, but if your fingers don’t go to a certain place it’s because you haven’t challenged them.

One day, when I was a teenager, I decided I was going to learn every chord in a Joe Pass chord book I had. I worked on it every day; there’s no substitute for bonehead repetition.  

The great thing is, once you get used to this exercise, you’ll literally force your fingers to go from chord to chord—chords that have no relation to each other—and great things can come from that.

You can Figure out now why Joe is one of the Guitar Gods! He is a very Disciplined and thoughtful Guitar Player. Check out the video below of Joe Satriani's Advice to aspiring Guitar Players.

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Video credits- Youtube channel- livinglegendsmusic



5. Yngwie Malmsteen (The Inspired Practice Routine)

Guitar Practice Routines of Top Guitarist's

Yngwie Malmsteen is one of the very few Guitarists who incorporate classical themes in his Guitar playing. Yngwie thought of practicing is very different from others.

He says Practicing is good but, practicing without an aim is useless. in an interview with the ultimate guitar, he stated that 'When I play I approach it as if it was the show. Even if I play for myself.

Everything had to be perfect at the spot. And I would always record, that's the best trick because you hear things they might not think of'. Inspiration is everything, you never know what might inspire you, and Yngwie clearly agrees with it. Sure, Yngwie might have practiced a lot in his early days but in recent days he states that 'Practice? Not so much.

I do, I have a guitar in front of the TV, a little Marshall in the living room. I always play, but it's more like a... I play when I'm inspired, it's not like 'Oh, I have to do it.' It just happens by itself.

And who can forget Yngwie Malmsteen's infamous line?  'How can less be more??, more is more'. 

We can Clearly state that Yngwie is a Different Guitarist who has a very particular approach to guitar. Check out the video below in which Yngwie tells about his early Guitar playing days.

Video Credits- Youtube channel- Seymour Duncan


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So try out any of these Practice routines and let us know which one works for you. Tell us in the comments about your Practice Routine. We would love to hear it.

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