How to Practice Guitar without a Guitar!

Guitar Practice Without a Guitar - Exercises, Routines, and Strategies


Hello, guitar enthusiasts! For all the music lovers out there, we at Guitarmetrics are constantly working to give the greatest information and advice.

We are aware that practise and tenacity are the keys to any skilled guitarist's success.

But dedicating your entire day to practising the guitar is difficult. We are aware that many of us have responsibilities and jobs to complete, making it challenging for us to pursue our passions.

At Guitarmetrics, we think practising doesn't necessarily require a guitar. You can practise several guitar-related skills including theory and more without a guitar. These pointers came from the musicians on our own team, who taught them to us.
As long as they have the motivation and passion, everyone can master the guitar.

And sure, don't expect immediate results from using these techniques. Just as it takes time to develop into anything amazing, so does mastering the guitar.

If you don't have access to a guitar, you may still practise your guitar abilities using the gadgets and tips we'll discuss in this piece.

These recommendations cover both psychological and physical exercise. These suggestions have also been adopted by many guitarists to improve their playing.

So be ready to learn the top things you can do without a guitar to improve your playing!

I believe every guitar player inherently has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it. –Jimmy Page

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1. Mental Guitar Practice.

How to Practice Guitar without a Guitar- guitarmetrics

Your mind directs everything you do with your fingers. You can achieve anything if you can train your mind. This is something you can do everywhere, including at work, school, or when travelling.

The secret is to plan and picture what you'll be practising on the guitar. For instance, if you're going to rehearse a scale or a song, see yourself playing it flawlessly and without any errors.

Even while this trick doesn't seem useful, once you start doing it often, it becomes really beneficial.

The mental factor is very important if you want to achieve something great. So it is important to train your mind first. 
Top Guitarist's like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani are known to follow this routine to enhance their guitar skills.

Start this simple little trick today and you will be amazed at how beneficial this routine is!

2. Music Theory Practice.

Guitar Practice Without a Guitar - Exercises, Routines, and Strategies


We are aware that not everyone enjoys music theory, but it is crucial to mastering your instrument.

The study of scales and chords in music theory is another activity you can do to practise without a guitar. On staff paper, you can also practise writing music theory.

Your knowledge of guitar playing in general and your knowledge of music theory will both improve as a result. Never undervalue the power of music theory; the majority of important artists could read and write music.

Although learning music theory is not a need for all guitarists—music comes from the heart, not the head—doing so might help you take your musical abilities to the next level.

Keep a staff paper close by and attempt to jot down a scale or a brief section of a song you are working on while you are travelling or just relaxing.

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3. Finger Trainer Gadgets.

How to Practice Guitar without a Guitar- guitarmetrics

You can use a tool called a finger trainer to give your fingertips more endurance and dexterity.

Many keyboard and piano players also utilise this gadget to strengthen their fingers, so it's not just for guitarists.

Many companies have created their own finger Trainer tools, including Ibanez, Flanger, and many others.

Although we have heard conflicting opinions regarding this gadget, we have personally used it and have come to the conclusion that it actually works to keep your fingers warmed up.

So if you are not around a guitar we recommend you to get this tool and keep your fingers ever ready to rock!

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4. Pocket Guitar.

How to Practice Guitar without a Guitar- guitarmetrics

We advise using a device called a pocket guitar or a pocket fretboard if you like a more natural feel of the fretboard when practising.

To simulate playing a guitar, this tool is made to look and feel just like a fretboard!

You can practise your guitar skills anywhere with this tool. This device simulates a guitar and can be used to learn scales, chord switching, and other skills.

We tested this tool out personally and discovered that it accurately simulates the feel of a guitar fretboard. However, not every brand creates a high-end pocket guitar.



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5. Compose in your Mind.

How to Practice Guitar without a Guitar- guitarmetrics

Although a little unusual, this advice can work in your favour. While listening to your preferred rock song, try imagining yourself playing a solo. Yes, it does function.

The ideal method is to improvise a solo while listening to a backing track. It's enjoyable and helps you develop your imagination, so use it!

6. Ear Training.How to Practice Guitar without a Guitar- guitarmetrics

If there are no guitars nearby, you might be able to do this. One of the best tricks for you is this one.

Every guitar player should practise their ears since it improves their ability to hear tones and helps them identify the key of any song.

Try to recognise the differences between major and minor scales and intervals.

You can utilise a variety of tools and software for ear training that are sold on the market.

7. Stretches.

How to Practice Guitar without a Guitar- guitarmetrics

Although this is not a big deal, we can guarantee that it will benefit you in the long term.
Due to the high stress on their fingers from playing for extended periods of time, many guitarists are susceptible to Carpel tunnel syndrome.

Do some finger stretches and exercises whenever you are not near a guitar; you can find many how-to videos on YouTube for this.

The methods described in the video below have passed our tests and proved to be helpful. Look into it.

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We hope you all Liked our Tips on how to Practice Guitar without a Guitar. Tell us which of these tips were helpful to you and which of this you applied to your Guitar Playing.

Tell us about your Practice Routine in the Comments, We would love to hear it!

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The article is the best one for all beginners. I have learned the guitar and at that time I hadn’t any guitar at the initial phase. I didn’t know about these tips which are mentioned here and as a result, I have faced some problems. Now I have an old Gibson guitar which I have brought from one of my friends. I have read the content and am happy to learn that one can learn the basics of the guitar without a guitar. I have to replace the Les Paul bridge ( part of my guitar and I have purchased the Les Paul bridge unit from faberUSA site.

Lisa Kent

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