How to Practice Guitar without a Guitar!

Hey all you Guitar fanatics, We here at Guitarmetrics are always trying to share the best content and tips for all the Music lovers out there. We know that every guitarist who becomes good at what they do is because of their practice and perseverance. But, it is not easy to put all of your time of the day into guitar practice. We know many of us have obligations and jobs to do which makes it hard for us to follow our passion. We here at Guitar metrics believe that you don't always need a guitar to practice. Even without a guitar, you can practice different things related to guitars like theory and more. We have learned these tips from our own team members who are also Musicians. 
Anybody can become good at guitar as long as they have the drive and passion for it. And yes, don't expect that these tricks will get you results in no time, like every great thing takes time to achieve, becoming a great guitar player also takes time. In this post we will tell you different Gadgets and tricks which you can use to practice your Guitar skills when you are not around a Guitar. These tips include both physical as well as psychological practice. Many guitar players have also adopted to these tips to enhance their guitar playing. So get ready to know the best things you can do to enhance your guitar playing without a Guitar!

1. Mental Guitar Practice.

Everything you do with your fingers is controlled by your mind. If you can train your mind you can do anything. You can do this anywhere, like when traveling, at school or office. The trick is to think and visualize about what you are going to practice on guitar. For eg. If you are going to practice a scale or a song then visualize yourself playing that scale or song perfectly without any mistakes. Although this trick doesn't sound beneficial, it is really helpful once you start doing it on a daily basis. Mental factor is very important if you want to achieve something great. So it is important to train your mind first. 
Top Guitarist's like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani are known to follow this routine to enhance their guitar skills. So start this simple little trick today and you will be amazed at how beneficial this routine is!

2. Music Theory Practice.

We know music theory is not the cup of tea for all, but it is very important for mastering your instrument. Another thing you can do to practice with no guitar is practicing music theory like scales and chords. You can also practice writing music theory on staff paper. This will improve your music theory skills and your overall knowledge of Guitar playing. Never underestimate the power of music theory, most of the influential musicians knew how to read and write music. We are not saying that it is a must for all guitar players to learn music theory, music comes from your heart, not your brain, but knowledge of music theory can expand your musical horizons to the next level. So whenever you are traveling or sitting around, always keep a staff paper with you and try to write down a scale or a small part of a song that you are working on.

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3. Finger Trainer Gadgets.

A finger Trainer is a gadget which you can use to increase stamina and dexterity of your fingers. This is not limited to guitarists, many piano and keyboard players also use this tool to strengthen their fingers. Many brands like Ibanez, flanger and many more have designed their own finger Trainer tool. We have received mixed reviews about this tool but we have personally used the tool and came to the conclusion that this tool is really effective in keeping your fingers warmed up. So if you are not around a guitar we recommend you to get this tool and keep your fingers ever ready to rock!

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4. Pocket Guitar.

If you're a person who needs a more natural feel of the fretboard to practice then we recommend a tool called the pocket guitar or the pocket fretboard. This tool is designed exactly like a guitar fretboard to give a real guitar playing feel! You can take this tool wherever you go and practice your guitar skills. This tool acts as a guitar adjacent and can be used to practice things like scales, chord shifting, and different techniques. We personally used this tool and found out that it really gives a feel of a guitar fretboard. But not all brand make a premium pocket guitar. We have tried two pocket guitar models which are listed on our store and we can assure you that they literally give a premium feel. So if you want to work on your guitar skills on the go then we strongly recommend getting one of these tools.
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5. Compose in your Mind.

This is a little unconventional tip but can be used to your advantage. Try improvising a solo in your mind while listening to your favorite rock song. Yes, it does work. The best way is to listen to a backing track and improvise a solo of your own. This technique helps to improve your creativity and admit it, it's fun!!

6. Ear Training.

This might be something you can do when no guitars are present around you. This is one of the most beneficial tricks for you. Ear training is a really important aspect for every guitar player as It helps you to recognize the key of any song and makes your ear more tone friendly. Try to differentiate between Major and Minor chords, scales and different Intervals. There are many apps and gadgets available in the market which you can use for your ear training. 

7. Stretches.

This is not a Biggie, but we can assure you that this will help you in the long run.
Many guitarists are prone to Carpel tunnel syndrome due to extreme stress in fingers while playing for longer periods. So whenever you are not around a guitar, do some finger exercises and stretches, you can find plenty of instructional videos on how to do this on YouTube. We have tested the techniques shown below in the video and found them to be beneficial. Check it out.

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Hope you all Liked our Tips on how to Practice Guitar without a Guitar. Tell us which of these tips were helpful to you and which of this you applied to your Guitar Playing.

Tell us about your Practice Routine in the Comments, We would love to hear it!

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